Compensation for delays/cancellations

At Atlantic Airways, we always do our best to ensure that your departure is on schedule. However, when delays or cancellations occur, we will compensate you in accordance with EU regulation EC 261/2004.

Please note that Atlantic Airways is a Faroese carrier and not an EU carrier, and Vagar Airport is not an EU airport. Therefore, EU compensation rules do not apply for departures with Atlantic Airways from Vagar Airport.

If you are entitled to compensation in accordance with the EU regulation, you will be compensated for your delay/cancellation.

Third-party services often charge a fee to assist you with your claim. Therefore it is more beneficial for you to make your claim directly with Atlantic Airways.

If a cancellation or delay is caused by circumstances beyond our control (.e.g. weather conditions, bird strikes, strikes, airport and/or airspace restrictions, and more), you are not entitled to compensation. For frequently asked questions (FAQ), please see

For detailed information see: EUR-Lex - 32004R0261 - EN - EUR-Lex (