Here you will find our logo, information about the colour scheme of Atlantic Airways and more.

Logo 1st choice

This is our main version, and should be used when possible.  



Logo 2nd choice

If our logo needs to fit in a square space, use this version.



Logo 3rd choice

Use this logo if the space is primarily horizontal. 



Logo 1st choice / Positiv

Logo 2nd choice / Positiv

Logo 3rd choice / Positiv

Logo 1st choice / Negativ

Logo 2nd choice / Negativ

Logo 3rd choice / Negativ

Atlantic Blue

CMYK: 100/68/0/12 RGB: 0/74/147 HEX: #004a93 Pantone: 287c

Atlantic Red

CMYK: 0/100/99/4 RGB: 219/0/27 HEX: #db001b Pantone: 1797c

Atlantic Green

CMYK: 33/0/100/0 RGB: 196/214/0 HEX: #c4d600 Pantone: 382c