Fares & Conditions

Here you'll find our fare calculator.

From 01 September 2022, the prices for scheduled flights with the helicopter have changed. The price will now be differentiated according to where you have registered residence.

The Faroese government subsidizes scheduled flights with Atlantic Airway's helicopter. The aim is to give residents of the smaller islands a regular connection to the mainland.

To see the price for the desired journey, you must first select whether you have registered residence in the Faroe Islands or not.


Children aged 7-12: pay 50% of the ticket cost

Children aged 2-6: travel free of charge and get their own seat

Children aged 0-23 months: travel free of charge without an assigned seat

Seniors (67+) pay 50% of the ticket cost

No discount is possible on Sight Seeing trips.

Booking conditions

Helicopter passengers
Helicopter tickets can be booked and paid online. You can find the booking site by clicking HERE.

It is not possible to book round trips with the helicopter on normal flights. Therefore, it is only possible to book one ticket with departure on the same day.

It is essential to be at the heliport early, at least 30 minutes before departure, to allow the heliport staff enough time to make preparations before departure.

Booking Conditions
Tickets need to be booked online no later than 30 minutes before the first departure of the day:

Bookings can be made no more than seven days before departure. However bookings can only be made two days before departure from and to Froðba and Skúvoy.

Sightseeing trips can be booked 90 days before departure.

Customers can change the booking up to 24 hours before departure, however, it´s only possible to change the names and dates of the booking.

Customers can cancel bookings up to 24 hours before departure and get their tickets refunded.

Changes are made by logging on the system with a username and password. Customers with no profile can log on using the booking number and last name

Please note
It is important that you arrive at check-in 30 minutes before departure. Please see below.

Maximum 20 kg of luggage.

It is not possible to book round trips with a helicopter. Therefore, it is only possible to book one ticket with departure on the same day.

It´s not possible to bring prams on the helicopter.

Regarding cargo, you have to book it online in advance. Please see below.

Regarding pets, etc. Please see below.

Please notice regarding cancellations due to weather or search and rescue etc., we will only refund the helicopter ticket. We will not refund any other expenses, e.g. bus ticket, taxi, flight ticket, etc.

Passengers are themselves responsible for meeting on departure at the correct time. Passengers arriving late will be required to buy a new ticket, as no refund is given.

Every passenger is allowed 20 kg of luggage.

If freight only is sent by helicopter, it is also necessary to book space.

It is very important to give information about the type of luggage or freight being sent i.e. the weight, size and if the freight is irregularly shaped.

Proper and secure packing of the luggage/freight is required; otherwise, the crew can refuse to take it.

Pets etc.
Dogs, cats, and other small domestic animals can only be transported by helicopter if they are in a box suited for the purpose.

Max. pet box dimensions: 51x48x68 cm

Information about rats
There are no rats in these islands: Fugloy, Svínoy, Mykines, Koltur, Skúvoy og Stóra Dímun.
Please help us keep these islands free of rats!

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