Helicopter Charter

The duties of the helicopter department are very varied. Three days a week – Sunday, Wednesday and Friday – the helicopters operate the scheduled air service between the islands. During the summer months – June, July and August – the scheduled air service also operates on Mondays.

The other days of the week, the helicopters are used for charter and sling operations. Sling operations are cargo transports of any kind where the cargo is fastened to a cargo hook suspended below the helicopter and transported to its destination.

The possibilities are almost endless. Live animals such as horses, calves and smolt, and also hay, concrete, timber, sheds, ditchers, oil barrels – even cars and tractors – can be transported by helicopter.

Price per minute:

Sling operations: DKK 585 + VAT

Charter: DKK 585 ex. VAT / per hour: DKK 35.000

Off-Shore flights: Prices on inquiry

The full charge is calculated from the moment the helicopter departs from Vagar Airport to its arrival back at Vagar Airport.

If you have any questions regarding charting the helicopter, please contact us.

Atlantic Helicopters

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