We recommend early check-in, up to 2 hours before departure.

Please check the local recommendations at the airport you are travelling from.


Check-in via website


Check-in via mobile phone/app


Self service check-in at airport


Check-in counter at airport

Vágar - FAE

Copenhagen - CPH

Billund - BLL

Oslo - OSL

Reykjavik - KEF


Barcelona - BCN




Mallorca - PMI




Edinburgh - EDI


Aalborg - AAL


Gran Canaria - LPA




Paris - CDG


Check-In Online

You can check-in online 48 hours prior to departure on the frontpage of our website.

You can print your boarding pass and bring it with you to the airport. You can also choose to send the boarding pass to your mobile phone so that you always have it with you.

Check-In by Mobile phone

Atlantic Airways offers its customers to check-in on their mobile phones with our App. 

Read more HERE

Self-Service Check-In

Vagar Airport has eight self-service check-in machines.

Use your booking number or your passport to locate your booking. If you have checked-in from home, all you need to do is to check the barcode.

The advantage of using a self-service check-in machine is that you can print out your bag tags.

Self-Service Baggage Drop

Vagar Airport has two self-service baggage drops.

Check-in at the self-service machines, put the bag tag on your luggage, and you can go directly to the self-service baggage drop, place the luggage on the conveyor, scan the barcode and within seconds the luggage is transported along the conveyor and you are done.

The only condition is that you do not exceed the allowed amount of baggage. If this is the case, you will have to go to the manned check-in counter.