See our product sheet below for an overview of all our ticket types. 










Available for purchase

Available for purchase

Available for purchase







1 pc. up to 23 kg

2 pcs. up to 23 kg

2 pcs. up to 23 kg


8 kg




500 points

✔ 750 points (SUN)

✔ 1.000 points (NEW YORK)

750 points

✔ 1.500 points (NEW YORK)

1.000 points

✔ 1.500 points (SUN)

✔ 2.250 points (NEW YORK)


500 DKK per change + possible price difference

0 DKK + possible price difference

0 DKK + possible price difference


600 DKK



-500 DKK



75 DKK



Ticket lost

Ticket lost

Can be changed or refunded within 1 year



DISCOUNT FOR CHILDREN UNDER 12 Y/O (Occupying own seat) ****)

35% of base fare

35% of base fare

35% of base fare

DISCOUNT FOR INFANTS UNDER 2 Y/O  (Not occupying own seat) ****)

90% of base fare

90% of base fare

90% of base fare


LOW and FLEX: If you fail to show up for your scheduled departure, this part of your travel is lost. This is also the case for all connecting travels within the same booking. E.g. Faroe Islands - Copenhagen - London is lost if you fail to show up for your departure from the Faroe Islands. 


1 pc. up to 23 kg: 350 DKK.
Heavy baggage from 23,1 - 32 kg: +350 DKK.

1 pc. up to 23 kg: 500 DKK. (NEW YORK)
Heavy baggage from 23,1 - 32 kg: +500 DKK. (NEW YORK)


*) It is not possible to pre-book meals to/from Edinburgh or Reykjavik.

**) Only when departing Copenhagen Airport.

***) Namechange and refunds of tickets must be expedited via our Customer Service.

****) Tax exemptions may apply for children 11 years or younger.


  • Booking via Customer Service is subject to a booking fee of 275 DKK.

  • Changes made via our Customer Service are subject to a fee of 200 DKK pr. passenger.

  • Conditions and terms may vary when travelling on connecting tickets with other airlines.

General ticketing FAQ

How many tickets can I book at the same time on atlantic.fo?
Depending on the number of tickets available on the day selected, you will be able to book up to nine tickets at the same time.
If you search for more tickets than there are seats available, the booking programme will show “sold out” on the day selected. You could try to search for fewer tickets to see if there are any seats left.

Can I refund my ticket if I have upgraded it?
Yes, but when you upgrade a ticket (for example, from LOW to FLEX+), the original conditions for refunds apply. This means you can only get refunded the amount you paid for the upgrade, not the total cost of the new upgraded ticket.

How long in advance can I purchase a ticket?
Tickets can be purchased up to 360 days before departure.

What happens if I do not turn up for my departure (no-show)?
If you have a LOW or FLEX ticket, then this part of the journey is lost. The same applies to all connecting legs of the journey. This means that Faroe Islands-Copenhagen-London would be forfeited if you fail to show up for your departure from the Faroe Islands.
If you have a FLEX+ ticket, you can have your ticket reimbursed or you can use it within one year. However, if you have connecting flights like in the example above, you will lose your connecting flight and Atlantic Airways does not reimburse that portion of the ticket.

Why is it cheaper to book online than to contact the Customer Service Centre?
When you call or e-mail to book a ticket, one of our staff has to process the booking. We have to add a surcharge to the ticket price for this service.
If you book your ticket through a travel agency, a booking fee may be added to the price. For further information enquire with your travel agency.

What should I do if I did not receive any booking confirmation for a ticket bought from Atlantic Airways?
Please check your spam folder first to see if the booking confirmation was sent there.
If you need to, you can enter your booking number and last name under the “Change ticket” tab on the front page of atlantic.fo and request a new booking confirmation.
You are also welcome to contact our Customer Service Centre by calling Tel. +298 34 10 00 or e-mailing [email protected] to request a new booking confirmation.

Do I need to print my booking confirmation in order to travel?
You do not need a paper print of your booking confirmation for checking-in, because you are already registered in our system. However, we recommend that you write down the booking number, which you will need to check-in online, check-in at the self-service or check-in at the counter. You are required to bring a valid photo ID or passport to check-in and travel.

Please note: a flight ticket is a personal document and can only be used by the person named on the ticket. You are required to bring a valid photo ID or passport, which you must show on request. Atlantic Airways reserves the right to refuse any passengers, who cannot prove who they are or whose name is not the same as on the ID.

Which payment cards does Atlantic Airways accept?
We accept VISA, MasterCard/EuroCard and debit cards such as Electron and MasterCard Debit.
Please note: When you purchase a ticket on atlantic.fo with a debit card, your bank will often ‘reserve’ an equivalent amount on your account. Please enquire about the terms for your card with your bank.

Can I bring a stroller, bicycle or other large items of luggage?
Yes, for detailed information regarding luggage click HERE.

Can I check in my luggage directly to my final destination if I have a connecting flight with a different airline?
If your connecting flight is on the same day, this is usually possible. Please ask at check-in, because different airlines have different terms and conditions for luggage

How much do I have to pay for extra luggage?
The fee for a piece of extra luggage up to 23 kg is DKK 249. Other conditions may be applicable on a return trip, if the trip starts with a different airline. Please check the relevant airline’s terms and conditions. For further information about luggage regulations please click HERE.

What should I do if my luggage is lost?
If your luggage has not arrived, you will need to fill in a form. If you are in the Faroe Islands, please contact our office; if you are abroad, please contact or one of our international partners.

What should I do if my luggage was damaged during transit?
If your luggage has been damaged, you will need to fill in a form. If you are in the Faroe Islands, please contact our office; if you are abroad, please contact one of our international partners.
If you have travel insurance, please also contact your insurance company to claim compensation.

Are there restrictions on where I may sit, if I am travelling with an infant?
Yes, passengers travelling with infants must sit in a window seat in rows 8 to 22 (even numbers), but not by the emergency exit.

Are there any discounts on flight tickets?
Children and infants receive the same discount on our tickets.
Children with their own seat who have not turned 12 yet get a 50% discount.
Children without their own seat who have not turned 2 yet get a 90% discount.
Please note: The applicable discount is 50% and 90% of the basic ticket. The discount on airport passenger duty, taxes and levies varies according to the destination. Please refer to the applicable price in the overview when you book at atlantic.fo. You are also welcome to contact the Atlantic Airways Customer Service to enquire or contact your travel agency.
If you have created a Súlubonus profile before departure, you will receive súlu points for all your trips on Atlantic Airways routes.