To and From Vagar Airport

Several transport options are to and from Vagar Airport by public bus and airport shuttle taxis. 

Please note, however, that it is necessary to prebook the taxi shuttle, and no taxis are available at the airport upon arrival.

There are several options, and you can read more and find some of the providers HERE.


Bus service

A scheduled bus service runs to and from the airport every day of the week.

Fares for passengers one way:

Adults: DKK 90.00

Students: DKK 70.00

Children: DKK 45.00

Senior citizens: DKK 45.00

Parking in Vagar Airport

Vagar Airport has updated and expanded the parking space meeting the growing demand as well as to make it more accessible and safe to park the car.

Parking Charge

Pay the parking charge at the parking pay station inside the terminal. The parking pay station is situated right next to the Visit Vágar office.

It is possible to pay before departure and upon arrival to the airport.

Parking at Vagar Airport is done at your own risk.

If you have any questions concerning parking, please contact Vagar Airport or click on the button below.

Vagar Airport

Tel.: (+298) 35 44 00

Tel.: (+298) 21 44 78

Email: [email protected]