Experience the Faroe Islands

Nature is everywhere in the Faroe Islands. It provides the perfect setting for a holiday with unforgettable experiences. On the islands with the fresh air and the harsh weather, nature's surprises are always close.

Faroe Islands - Experiences for all your senses

After you have witnessed the waves beating against the rocks and felt the wind in your hair, visit a restaurant in Tórshavn, the world's smallest capital, and enjoy a unique gastronomic experience. The Faroese food culture is closely linked to the traditions and wildlife that have been the source of Faroese survival. Fish and whales, sheep and birds are closely related to Faroese culture, and people who openly show their hospitality, traditions, and joy of music and dance.

The Faroe Islands give you an experience of a lifetime. Nature is unspoiled and unique, the food is quite its own, and the locals are open and friendly.



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The Faroese nature is beautiful, dramatic and breathtaking! Come see for yourself.



The Faroe Islands consist of 18 islands with plenty to do. See a selection of experiences here.

An experience of nature, unspoiled

The Faroe Islands are located midway between Norway, Scotland and Iceland. It only takes a few hours to travel there from Denmark, yet not so many do. There is a reason that the Faroe Islands have been nicknamed ‘the most unspoiled islands’, for they are indeed unspoiled. The Faroese landscape, created from ice, with deep green hills, gray-brown mountains and the blue sea is always within sight. You will enjoy this when crossing the islands, watching mountains and cliffs become higher and steeper the further north you're going.

A holiday in the Faroe Islands is a soothing experience where you get away from everyday life, and get close to nature. The sight of a waterfall drawing a line through the countryside and crashing against the sea surface, the sound of birds in the air and the sheep who just stand there. Here, the weather is a part of nature and a constant change to your experience. One moment the sun shines idyllic on the mountains, and in the next a whipping wind comes from the sea and the mountains change colour. This unpredictability is part of the experience, and part of the Faroese mentality. Here nature still has the last word.

Birds on the Faroe Islands

The Faroe Islands have an abundant wildlife and is particularly famous for its birds. You can experience the beautiful puffins up close, the majestic gannets and the cautious storm petrels that only come out at night. The bird life in the Faroe Islands is closely linked to the ideal breeding grounds on the raw rock walls along the coasts. For example, at the huge promontory Enniberg on top of the Faroe Islands which, with a vertical drop of nearly 800 meters, is the highest in the world, or at Vestmannabjørgini bird mountain and along the rock wall on Mykines.

Activities - Hiking holidays close to nature

The Faroese landscape is strange and fascinating. It is made ​​for hiking across the mountains to remote settlements or to vantage points in the heights. Remember to ask the locals or the tourist office for advice before you move out, as the weather in the Faroe Islands is something to consider.

The Faroese have always been dependent on the waters surrounding the islands, and they are closely linked to the sea. So why not go on a boat trip to discover the birds and the sea up close?

The Faroe Islands offer a wealth of outdoor activities - everything from biking to rappelling and scuba diving. If you are looking for a place where nature provides plenty of opportunities to challenge yourself, you need not look any further.

Gastronomy - World class Faroese cuisine

Faroese food is an experience in itself. Especially fish and shellfish as well as sheep and bird are a central part of the menu here. This is reflected in traditional dishes or modern sushi. The meat of the Faroese fish is firm and tasteful and recognized internationally. At the restaurants in Tórshavn you will experience the finest Faroese culinary artistry. Here, Faroese traditions mix with innovative ambitions to create culinary experiences worthy of the international gastronomic scene.

Attractions - Cultural experiences in the Faroe Islands

The Faroese are a people with a strong cultural tradition. In the Faroe Islands, unity and cooperation have always been part of everyday life. The people were forced to in order to succeed on the islands. Many dark winter nights they sat in the living rooms processing the wool from the sheep, singing songs and telling stories. It may be felt to this day, where they still have a great love for music, fellowship and craft.

You can experience this at cultural events such as the G! Festival, where the youth celebrate modern rock music or the national holiday Olavsøka, where the Faroese gather for a national festival in Tórshavn celebrating traditions and community.