Is it possible to buy FLEX+ tickets as one-way?
FLEX+ tickets are available both as one-way and as return. On you will always find the cheapest available tickets, either one-way or return, based on your search criteria.

Are FLEX+ tickets always available?
As long as the departure is not sold out FLEX+ tickets are available.

If a chosen departure is sold out contact our Customer Service (+298 34 10 00) or your travel agent to get on a waitlist.

Are there any discounts on FLEX+ tickets?
Children under the age of 12 receive a  50% discount. Infants a 90% discount.

Can I change a FLEX+ ticket?
Destinations, dates and names are changeable and free. You will only have to pay for a possible ticket price difference.

If the ticket is purchased on our website it is possible to change destination and dates using the “Change Ticket” tab on our front-page without any additional change fees. For name changes you have to contact our Customer Service (+298 34 10 00). If your ticket is purchased through a travel agent (3rd party) you have to contact them for any changes.

When using Atlantic Airways Customer Service there is an additional service charge.

If your ticket is purchased through a Travel Agent please contact them for further information on any additional charges.

Can I refund my FLEX+ ticket?
Yes, you can refund your FLEX+ ticket any time.

What if I fail to show up for my departure (No-show)?
If you fail to show up for your scheduled departure with a FLEX+ ticket, Atlantic Airways can refund the ticket or you can use the ticket at an other time.

For connecting flights the other legs of your travel will be lost. And Atlantic Airways does not refund this part of the travel. (E.g. Faroe Islands – Copenhagen – London. Your connecting tickets will be lost.)

Is there a limit for how long my ticket is valid?
A FLEX+ ticket is valid for 12 months after your initial departure.

How much luggage can I bring on a FLEX+ ticket?
Adults and children (2-11 y.o.) can check-in two pieces checked baggage weighing up to 23 kg plus one piece of cabin baggage weighing maximum 8kg.

Infants without a seat, which have not reached the age of 2 years, can check-in one piece checked baggage weighing up to 23 kg

If your return trip starts with another carrier (connecting flight) please check with the relevant airline for their luggage policy.

Can I pre-book seats when I book a FLEX+ ticket?
Yes, it is possible to pre-book seats when booking your ticket online at