Who can travel with us?

From June 15, 2020:

From June 15, 2020 travelers from Denmark and Iceland are permitted entry to the Faroe Islands.

Until June 14, 2020:

Flights have been reserved for medical transport and staff working abroad. This is necessary to provide a crucial connection from the Faroe Islands to Denmark to aid both the health authorities and the Faroese commerce.

The Danish government has closed its borders for foreigners and travelers who do not have a valid reason for entering. These restrictions apply for the entirety of the Danish Kingdom and thereby also the Faroe Islands 

Work-related visits are deemed valid reasons for entry.

Danish citizens (i.e. Danish, Faroese, and Greenlandic) are still allowed to freely travel to the Faroe Islands.

Increased control of all travelers arriving in the Faroe Islands is being enforced.

National health authorities highly discourage all unnecessary travel out of the Faroe Islands.

NOTE: Only healthy passengers without symptoms are allowed to travel with Atlantic Airways.

What does Atlantic Airways do to minimize the risk of infection?

Before you board:

We take into account the potential risk of infection, which is why we employ enhanced cleaning procedures on board our aircraft.

We ask all travelers who have been in one of the risk areas to let us know before flying so that we can make the necessary arrangements and minimize the risk of infection as much as possible.

While on board:

The air on the aircraft is cleaned through a special HEPA filter which kills 99.99% of all bacteria.

We have enhanced our on-board practices to reduce the risk of infection, both when it comes to cleaning and hygiene as well as cabin crew procedures and practices.

Recommendations regarding self-quarantine

From 15. June 2020 travelers from Denmark and Iceland are permitted entry to the Faroe Islands without having to quarantine. 

Read the general recommendations regarding quarantine HERE.


Now that the authorities are advising everyone not to travel if not strictly necessary, Atlantic Airways would like to help our customers find the best solution.

Therefore, we have implemented special procedures to allow customers to change their flights for free or get a voucher on the full amount of the trip to use at a later time.

Change flight

Tickets purchased before 15. March 2020

If your flight is before June 30 2020 then we offer the possibility to change flights on our website free of charge.

Tickets purchased after 15. March 2020

If your flight is before June 30 2020 then we offer the possibility to change flights on our website without change fee.

Don't know when to change the flight to? Get a voucher!

Atlantic Airways invites all passengers traveling before June 30 2020 to postpone their flight and receive a voucher for the full-value of the ticket which the travelers in the original booking can use to book new flights.

Flights need to be booked one year after receiving the voucher for travel up to 360 days after the trip is booked.

Did you purchase your ticket from a travel agent?

Atlantic Airways can only change or give vouchers for tickets that are purchased directly from Atlantic Airways.

If you have purchased your ticket from a travel agent then you need to contact the respective agent.

Does my travel insurance cover if I change or buy a new ticket?

We recommend that you check with your insurance company.

If you purchased a ticket and have valid travel insurance with a Faroese insurance company, you are still fully insured, even if the world is categorized as orange when the change is made.

However, the insurance does not cover a possible price difference that the change may incur.

In relation to new flight bookings, we recommend that you contact your insurance company prior to booking.

Is your flight cancelled?

If you flight is cancelled then you have the following optons:

* Call our Customer Service +298 34 10 00